I submitted comment on the FCC’s Net Neutrality proceeding. There’s still time for you to do so as well: here

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happyfaceone preguntó
can u please tell us why death has a scythe or sickle but the devil has a trident?


For death reaps, my dear, but the devil harvests

^ :D

On sensitivity.




"boy i’m in a great mood!"

"oh, please. you can’t REALLY be in a great mood. there are people out there who just got raises. people just got married. people are being reunited with their families right now. how dare you say you’re happy."

The equivalent of someone saying you can’t be sad because other people have it worse than you.


Having spent the last 15 years doing controversial and sometimes unpopular things, I’ve grown a pretty thick skin & become inured to adversity - essentially nothing bothers me.

One unexpected result of that has been learning to respect the feelings of others who have problems I wouldn’t be phased by. The experience, the emotion, and the pain are real to *them* - “Man up, Nancy” isn’t going to immediately help them. But to expect someone to do nothing but wait for society to become a human race on eggshells, each person with a catalogue of ways a stranger can inadvertently offend them isn’t the answer either.

Encouraging them to face a little of what’s hurting them rather than hide away entirely behind defense mechanisms like “trigger warnings” will help them get to the point where whatever it is doesn’t bother them. It just takes time and discipline. 

Our modern way of teaching people that it’s the world that should change until they’re comfortable with it, rather than helping them change until they’re comfortable with the world, sentences its adherents to life in an emotional aquarium.

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this dog doesn’t get excited for treats but she’ll eat a styrofoam cup like her life depends on it

I’ve had to hide my electrical tape because my dog, who shall remain anonymous, chews on it like it’s the best thing ever. I let her eat old shoes instead.

Anónimo preguntó
Nobody cares what you say.

Except you, apparently. =)

Anónimo preguntó
do u written any book mr adrian?

No, thought it’s been suggested. If I do write one, it will be about the hacker community as it has existed during the time I’ve known it, rather than just my own role in this or that.